Arts and Crafts Vendor Rules

The Veterans Day Festival in the Park is open to Artists and Craftsmen including mass produced items or reselling of purchased items. Art and Craft vendors will be accepted based on creativity, appropriateness, quality and originality. Preference will be given to participants of the Festival that are oriented toward veterans with veteran‐related goods and services.

All craft vendors must supply up‐close and clear photographs with the application (mailed photos will not be returned). Please include: one (1) photos of items to be sold, including the booth. Photos may be uploaded through the online application process.

  • All items for sale must be listed on this application. Items will be subject to acceptance prior to the Festival and will be checked during the Festival. Quality assurance inspections will take place prior to the opening of the event to ensure all rules and regulations have been met, including, but not limited to,  inspections of crafts for “original work.” Inspections will also take place during the day.
  • Selling non‐approved items will result in immediate booth closure.
  • Exhibitors may not sell or solicit outside of your designated booth area.
  • NON‐PROFIT VENDORS are not permitted to sell any items. Items that are to be distributed must be listed.
  • NON‐PROFIT VENDORS must send in a copy of their Florida Department of Revenue Consumer Certificate of Exemption.
  • All vendors should consider donating of a portion of proceeds  to VET, Inc.
  • A $100 refundable cleaning deposit is required for all non‐food vendors. Payments are due within 10 days of acceptance of the vender.
  • Vendors must offer all patrons sales receipts with contact name and phone number clearly stamped or printed on the sales receipt.
  • Electricity is available for purchase at $25.00 per plug (20 amps). You cannot piggyback extension cords into a plug or use a power strip. Extension cords must be grounded (3 prong plugs) and covered or taped down with duct tape.
  • Generators are not permitted in any booths.
  • All vendors must return a signed General Release of Claims form with application. The Release of Claims is the first step in the online application process.
  • Applications will be accepted through November 9 based on availability.