Food Vendor Rules

Vet Events Tally will accept and assign food vendors based on veterans status and a first come basis along with consideration of the creative, original, and appropriate and attractiveness of the menu.

  • All food vendors must have current General Liability insurance coverage with a minimum of $1,000,000/$1,000,000(occurrence/aggregate) limits of BI &PD. A Certificate of Insurance is required with the Veteran Events in Tallahassee, Inc. as an additional insured.
  • Vendors must mail/email/fax Liability Certificates of Insurance to Veteran Events in Tallahassee, Inc. along with the application and other required documents to be considered for inclusion in the event. Mail certificates to:
    Vet Events Tally
    241 Lake Ella Blvd
    Tallahassee, FL 32303
  • Venders must submit with their application the appropriate documents for their business as described below:
    1. City of Tallahassee Business Tax Certificate/Occupational license. State License: Department of Business and Professional Regulations license and/or the Department of Agriculture license or exemption.
    2. Non-profit vendor: Copy of the Florida Department of Revenue Consumer Certificate of Exemption.
  • Venders may send in non returnable photos of their display showing a theme of American Patriotism along with their application.
  • Pepsi is the proud sponsor of the Veteran’s Day Parade and Festival.  THE ONLY DRINKS THAT MAY BE SOLD BY VENDORS AT THE FESTIVAL IS COFFEE (HOT OR COLD) TEA (HOT OR COLD) AND LEMONADE!!!
  • A two hundred dollar ($200) refundable deposit is required of all food vendors within 10 days of acceptance into the festival. You will be given directions at that time regarding mail in. The deposit will be returned within 30 days of the event if your area is left clean and you dispose of garbage in City-provided cans, clean up, and abide by all vendor rules.
  • Exhibitors may not sell or solicit outside of your designated booth area. Electricity is available for purchase AT $25.00 per plug (20 amps). You cannot piggyback extension cords into one plug or use power strips. You may purchase more than one plug if needed. Extension cords must be grounded (3 prong plugs). We cannot accommodate appliances with greater than 20 amps. requirements.
  • Generators are not permitted in any booth.
  • PA systems are not permitted.
  • Booths may use battery power, propane gas, charcoal grills or cookers only.
  • All food booth workers must wear hair restraints and/or hats.
  • Food vendors are responsible for maintaining constant booth cleanliness and must dispose of garbage in City-provided garbage cans only.
  • Food vendors are required to keep perishable foods cooled on ice.
  • Fresh water may be obtained by filling your own buckets at a central water valve provided near booths.
  • Booths wastewater and grease must be contained and disposed of properly or deposit will be forfeited.
  • Food vendors are required to furnish tents to cover food preparation area.
  • Quality assurance inspections will take place prior to the opening of the event and throughout the day to ensure all rules and regulations have been met. Any vender deemed to have broken any rules or regulations and not corrected their action promptly will be asked to shut their booth down.
  • All vendors must return a signed General Release of Claims form with their application. The Release of Claims is the first step in the online application process.

Questions? Please contact Jodi Conway, phone 850.536.6788