One of Tallahassee’s finest traditions is our fair city’s love and affection for our local military veterans. Each year, the city of Tallahassee expresses appreciation for our veterans by having a Veteran’s Day Parade. In the many years gone by, kids of all ages – from the very young to those in their golden years – have joined in the fun to honor and respect our local heroes who have sacrificed to ensure our continued freedom and liberty. With veterans marching in the parade, handing our miniature flags, high school bands, rolling military displays, local dignitaries … it has been a fine tradition and one held dearly in the hearts of Tallahasseeans.

In 2009, something unfortunate happened.  The traditional Tallahassee Veteran’s Day Parade was cancelled due to inclement weather. There were no alternate dates pre-established to reschedule the parade and this left many in our community, particularly our local veterans, with the desire to improve upon this Tallahassee tradition so that a cancellation never happens again. Many wished also to make the parade even better … bigger and better …in fact why not make it the best Veteran’s Day Parade in America?

Hence, in 2010, VET Inc. was formed with the support of the Leon County Commission, local veterans and the community at large. VET Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, which consists of local veteran organizations, individual veterans, interested citizenry and the Leon County Veteran’s Service Office. Everyone in our community is very welcome and has an open invitation to join us as we move forward to make our Tallahassee Veterans Day Parade, and ancillary events, the best ever!

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Veterans Events in Tallahassee Inc.
241 Lake Ella Drive
Talahassee, FL 32303

Phone: 850-212-2587