Open Letter from Joe West, President of V.E.T. Inc

To All of You Who Honor Our Veterans:

According to the 2010 census, in the four county area of the Big Bend (Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla Counties), there are just over 27,000 Veterans!  We want to make it easier for families and friends of those Vets to honor the Veteran or Veterans they personally know.

Starting June 1st,2013 Vet Events Tally will open its “I Honor” campaign. iHonor is a forum for friends, family members and loved ones of our Veterans to tell their story. We encourage everyone who knows a Veteran to share something about that Vet and/or your relationship to that hero. iHonor has a Facebook page where everyone will be able to post a note or story about their Veteran. Please LIKE iHonor on Facebook! The iHonor website will archive some of these stories (with writer’s permission), making Veterans Day more personal and meaningful by highlighting the sacrifices made by the over 27,000 Active Duty and Veteran service men and women in our community. Each of us knows someone who has or is serving in our nation’s Armed Forces  – we want to hear and share the stories of those Veterans from their friends and family.

There are many ways you can honor the Veterans you know, be it a one-time donation or monthly pledge, volunteering  time to Vet Events Tally  in their name or purchasing a flag in for the newest component of our Veterans Day celebration, “The Field of Honor”.

The Field of Honor will be an area set aside near VetFest every Veterans Day to display a large field of American Flags – each dedicated to an individual service member by YOU! You can purchase your American Flag for display in the Field of Honor through our website by making a donation of $15. Your flag will be tagged with your Veteran’s name, rank and branch of service and will on display before, during and after the Parade. Stop by the Field of Honor after the celebration to pick up your flag as a memento of the 1 Day of Honor we have set aside for our community’s members of the Armed Forces, whether active duty or veteran.

The iHonor campaign is a way for you to show your respect and appreciation for those who make a personal sacrifice in service to our country 365 days a year. We look forward to your participation in our various activities throughout the year  and to  seeing you on their 1 Day of Honor – the Veterans Day Parade on November 11, 2013!


Joe West
President, V.E.T. Inc
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