Parade Rules

  1. All entries are required to fill out a Parade Registration Form unless invited by Vet Events Tally. These can be found here with instructions for filing.
  2. Walking entrants will be limited to area Marching Bands, ROTC’s, JROTC’s and Military affiliated groups and organizations. All walking groups will at a minimum stay in a loose formation. Walking units that choose to do a Drill and Ceremony performance will be limited to one such performance in front of the reviewing stand and can last no longer than one minute. This is to limit gaps in the Parade. 
  3. There will be no walking along the periphery of the Route. It is our goal to limit interaction between entrants and Parade attendee’s.
  4. There will be NO handouts, if a group wishes to distribute something they will need to get a space at Vetfest in the Park, spaces are free unless electricity is required. All handouts must be approved by Vet Events Tally no later than November 1st, 2021. Spaces at Vetfest are limited. Space allocation is at the discretion of Vet Events Tally.
  5. Entries (other than exceptions listed above) will need to either be in a vehicle or on a float. All entries must be adorned in a way to signify honoring Veterans or have a Patriotic Theme. 
  6. Commercial vehicles with promotional signage on vehicle exposed will be charged a $ 125.00 entry fee, the exception will be media vehicles, Parade sponsors or Veteran Owned businesses. Sponsorship starts at $ 500.00.