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The company philosophy at Altrua Global Solutions is to be a blessing to our customers. We believe that partnerships are valuable and to assist our clients in achieving our common goals, that success is to be shared with our team, their families, our clients and vendors, and with a “Yes, it can be done!!!” philosophy.

Altrua was founded in August 1979 by Mike and Donna Kay Floyd. The name Altrua was a God-given name derived from Altruistic – meaning without selfish motivation for gain. From inception, Altrua’s goal has been to be a profitable blessing to our team, their families, our clients, vendors and the community. In 1990, the Floyd’s daughter, Melode came on board to work temporarily “to see how it would go.” In 2006, Melode’s husband, Skip, joined the company to manage the production department. After the unexpected death of Melode’s father in 2010 and her mother’s retirement in 2013, Melode and Skip purchased Altrua and took over management of the entire operation.

Over the past 30 years, the company has grown from a small operation with three employees, five computers and one printer to a full-production marketing promotion firm with a 50,000 square foot production facility running two shifts a day. The key to Altrua’s growth over the years is the wonderful, amazing, dedicated team that has the passion to give 110% to everything they do.

Veteran Events Tallahassee is honored to have Altrua Global Solutions as one of the primary sponsors of our organization.Every year, at VetFest, we have the pleasure of hosting the Altrua Hometown Hero Award.

Altrua Global Solutions

Our Home Town Heroes



Like so many, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, we remember exactly where we were when we first heard about the coordinated suicide attack against the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) & the subsequent coordinated actions that continued that day.  

As a young man of 21, living in Axtell, Nebraska, Daniel could no longer ignore the calling to stand in solidarity with our military.  He enlisted in the Navy, where he served from November 2003 until November 2008 as a Parachute Rigger, carrying out much of his duties on the flight deck of an air craft carrier. Daniel served honorably & was the recipient of the following medals: Navy Good Conduct/ National Defense Service/ Global War on Terrorism Service/ Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary/ Sea Commendation/and Navy Achievement Medal. 

Daniel then made the decision to transition to the Army through the “Blue to Green” program, where he served from November 2008 – September 2012.  He was deployed to Afghanistan in May 2011.  He was tasked with convoy security for logistics in Motor Transport Operations.  In August 2011, Daniel witnessed an IED blast that resulted in the loss of two soldiers.  April 2012, his unit was tasked with the recovery of a downed helicopter (collecting personal artifacts and remains.) During his time in Afghanistan, Daniel was within range of 15 blasts radius.  He was awarded a Bronze Star/ Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/Campaign Star/Arm Achievement Medal/Army Good Conduct Medal/ Global War on Terrorism Medal/ Korean Defense Medal/ Overseas Service Ribbon/ NATO Medal. 

Daniel is the embodiment of a hero and, we would be remiss if, we did not share that our Hometown Hero is now a disabled Veteran who battles everyday with the invisible wounds of war, PTSD, TBI and acute anxiety disorder.  Additionally, in July 2018, a tumor was found on his brain, unfortunately doctors were only able to remove nearly 50% of it.  Results of the surgery have left him deaf in his left ear, severe balance issues and limited motion of the left side. The remainder of the tumor, is entangled with his brain stem and he is set for another extremely complicated surgery in the near future.  We ask for your prayers as Daniel continues to fight his medical battles.  

Daniel has the support of his beautiful wife Melissa (married since October 2012) and is the proud father of three boys, 6 year old “Hank” and 5 year old twins (Cash & Finn). We are grateful for this entire family and think they are all pretty special.


Tina Reason

Meet Tina Reason, Tina resonates the true meaning of a military family. She comes from a family where military service was ingrained. Her dad, two uncles and an aunt served in the Navy and she her son Richard is currently serving as a sergeant in the Marine Corp.

She knows firsthand that military life is unique, not just for the service man or woman but also for their families. It can be difficult reentering civilian life. “They have two weeks to transition,” Tina explained. “We break people down in the military and some never get back up. Twenty veterans commit suicide every day. We want them to know that someone cares and that they are not alone. We do no want to lose a veteran to suicide. Our efforts aim to prevent this and help veterans get back on their feet.”

Tina believes that anyone who raises a hand, takes an oath and signs their name to defend our country
deserves respect and attention so they can succeed after their military life ends. She has dedicated her life to helping veterans and their families through her work with the Sacred Soil
Project for Veterans (SSPV), a non-profit organization committed to providing a wide range of support to our homeless or at-risk veterans.

Sacred Soil for Veterans is a 501(c) 3 volunteer-based organization. Since its inception, it has stopped eleven suicides, moved 21 people into permanent housing, and fed hundreds of people. The group works with 211, Second Harvest, Farm Share and other groups. In addition to the personal assistance the group
provides, they also organize special events and fundraisers to
assist Veterans and their families. 

Tina’s primary goal is to identify what is happening with our veterans to impede their ability to succeed and to help them get the support they need. Whether it is housing, food, furniture, clothing, gas cards, and legal assistance— there is no hurdle she will not jump to lend support to these individuals and their families. 
Join us in thanking Tina Reason for the dedication she shows and the support she gives to the Veterans in our community!